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Expert Advice

The IJI’s expert advice is aimed at enabling you to handle international cases just as effectively as your others. This means that you will receive expert advice based on academic analysis of the law, case law and literature, and with substantiated answers to your questions. Depending on your wishes, this can be either a detailed, documented opinion or a less formal opinion. Our work also includes, if you wish, an explanation of the expert advice by telephone (e.g. by means of conference calls).

Working Method

Through our smart knowledge system, external databases and broad international network of legal experts, we can quickly and cost-efficiently write a report for you that clearly and concretely explains the application PIL and foreign law to your case.

Martijn Polak – Vice president of the Supreme Court and board member of IJI

While you are working on your other cases, we will write an opinion within two weeks, which will support you in the efficient handling of your international file. Our expert advice is written in a compact format and the legal questions will receive  concise answers.

What our Clients Say About Us

Lawyer Tim de Greve, partner at Stibbe.

I regularly engage the IJI in cases where PIL aspects play a role. The institute has existed for over 100 years and can therefore boast a long history and experience. There are prominent people associated with it. Not least Mr Strikwerda. They support you from the outset, immediately understand the question you are faced with and suggest possible solutions. They have the right connections at home and abroad to answer questions within a reasonable timeframe. Apart from that, it is very pleasant to work with the people of the IJI.

Lawyer Channa Samkalden, Prakken d'Oliveira

We have received advice from the IJI on several cases. One example is a case brought by a number of Nigerian farmers against Shell concerning oil pollution in Nigeria. That case is about the application of Nigerian law by the Dutch court. The IJI looked into the framework of tort law in Nigeria for us. We used that advice in the proceedings and also submitted it to the court and it showed, for instance, that our plaintiffs were also entitled to claim against Shell under Nigerian law. The IJI is extremely useful in all such cases because you receive very sound advice on the basis of which you know whether you should have a number of things investigated further. It’s very useful advice at an early stage of your procedure.

Attorney Ria van Seventer, Meesters aan de Maas Advocaten

Our law firm is based in Rotterdam, a city of more than 170 nationalities, so we regularly have to ask the IJI for advice. For example, I had to deal with the recognition of a child by an Italian man, to which Italian law had to be applied. I don’t speak Italian so I could not do that myself. Nor did I have access to the sources which the IJI has.

Advice request procedure

  1. Expert advice request procedure
  2. Give us two days to make a cost estimate without obligation.
  3. Discuss the cost estimate with your team chairperson or client and let us know when we can get started.
  4. Within two weeks you will receive a professional customized report.
  5. Adjust the report simply add to your specific case, for example, to support a court judgment or opinion.


    Good to Know

    Sketch as complete a picture as possible

    Give us as much relevant information as possible and attach all relevant documents, including procedural files. This enables us to make a good quote and help you quickly.


    Written documents in French, German, English and Spanish may be submitted to the IJI in their original language. Documents in other languages usually require translation. Upon request, the IJI can provide translations of reports or other documents in a language of your choice.

    The IJI and its employees are bound to secrecy with regard to all information and data which we receive in connection with the execution of our services.


    General Terms and Conditions
    Our general terms and conditions apply to all our work. You can find them here.

    Example for judges

    As a judge, within your own official investigation of art. 10:2 Dutch Civil Code the possibility to obtain expert advice from the IJI. The costs of this expert advice will be covered by the budget of your court.

    You can also follow the path of art. 194 Follow the Rv and officially appoint the IJI as an expert. The costs can be borne by either the National Treasury or the parties. Below you will find formulations that you can use in your judgment if you decide to engage the IJI as an expert.

    Martijn Polak – Vice President Supreme Court and Board Member IJI 

    The review
    Asks the International Legal Institute (IJI) in The Hague to answer the following questions (subject to a convening budget):


    requests the IJI to send a budget of its costs and the time required for its investigation to the judge issuing this judgment within 2 weeks of today, determines that the IJI may consider the budget approved if it does not respond to the contrary 2 weeks later from the court, requests the IJI to inform the judge issuing this judgment in good time of an impending budget overrun, determines that the costs of the investigation of the IJI will be borne by the court, requests IJI to attach an invoice to its final report with a specification of its work (the number of hours, the hourly rate and other costs),

    The method
    provides that the IJI must give the parties the opportunity to comment and make requests in the investigation, provides that the IJI will send a draft of the report to the parties and give them the opportunity to comment on the draft, requests the IJI to send its final report to the Registrar determines that this final report must indicate whether the parties have been given the opportunity to make requests and comment, while the report must also indicate the content of such requests and comments, and requests the IJI to respond to the comments of the parties in the report,


    Other decisions
    instructs the registrar to send a copy of this judgment to the IJI, instructs [party] to send a copy of the complete case file to the IJI, instructs the registrar upon receipt of the final report: – a copy thereof to send to the parties, – to put the case back on the roll within a period of 4 weeks for a conclusion after the report on the part of [party] and to notify the parties thereof, any further decision shall be deferred.

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