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Private international law course

Legal practitioners confronted with an international case with PIL aspects often point to the ‘legal minefield’ that arises, potentially causing unnecessary damage to the parties involved. Two important reasons for this are: 1. The complexity of PIL regulations; 2. The constant changes in that field, in particular in the area of case law (Court of Justice EU).

The IJI offers courses in private international law to present the legal framework with regard to PIL in an accessible manner, so that you can deal with international cases accurately and efficiently. The PIL courses are very practical in nature, with theory and practice alternating continuously. You will also be given the opportunity to discuss your specific international case with the experts at the PIL course. After the course, you will have a clear and up-to-date overview of PIL regulations, which will save you a lot of time when handling international cases.

Receive up-to-date and expert PIL knowledge on-location
Get live coaching
Obtain certainty about the correct application of the law.

Interested in our course offer?

Private international law course by profession

Our private international law courses are always focused on a specific professional group. This enables us to meet the specific information needs of this group. We have modules for:

  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • Corporate lawyers

In principle, we do not provide independent courses to students. However, IJI experts are regularly invited by universities in the Netherlands to give lectures on private international law.

Contents of the PIL Course

The Private International Law Course can be divided into three major subjects:



Within these areas of law, we focus on:

Each Private International Law Course focuses strongly on recent developments in the field of law and jurisprudence.

The contents of the Private International Law Course are strongly influenced by practice. The IJI uses its own practical experience to address certain problems that arise in practice. At the end of the course, a Q&A session is included, during which you can submit your practical questions to the IJI.

At the end of the Private International Law Course, the participant has an overview of the most important PIL regulations and is aware of recent developments.

Duration and Location of the Private International Law Course

The Private International Law Course takes two hours and usually takes place at the location of your institution or company; we come to you. It is also possible to organise a course at the IJI itself in The Hague. During the COVID-19 pandemic we also deliver online courses.

You can choose the time of the course yourself by telling us what time of day suits you best. It is customary to schedule our Private International Law Course for lunchtime.

If you are in need of a more in-depth course for your institution or company, please contact us and we will tailor a course for you. You can choose between one, two, and three-day courses.

Recently, the IJI held a “lunch & learn” at the law firm Meesters aan de Maas, which included a discussion on the impact of Brexit on PIL rules.

Rates for the course in private international law

The rate of the course in private international law is €469,– excluding VAT. IJI clients receive a discount of 50%. You are an IJI client if you have commissioned us to provide advice in the past five years.

We have adjusted rates for sole traders with no more than 3 employees. Call or email us for more information.

PO points for lawyers

The course in private international law provides PO points for lawyers. One PO point is awarded per lesson hour and the number of PO points that can be obtained therefore depends on the duration of the course that you choose or put together. You will receive a certificate for this.